Ademilola Adewumi
2 min readDec 15, 2021

So beautiful yet so vague. That place that keeps you away and keeps everyone else at bay. It’s almost too easy to enter but so difficult to leave. The loneliness hits different and the smiles you wear on when you’re sad to keep others at ease. But who are you really keeping at ease? You have not told anyone anything about you for a bit, so are you trying to show them that you’re okay or are you trying to prevent them from asking if you’re okay?

You know one thing about solitude, you so badly want everyone to know what’s wrong but you just don’t. You are so used to being alone that even your mind has conformed to that state of being and you cease to be a social animal anymore, psychology tags you as abnormal but you see it as another Tuesday.

Are you really alone or is it all in your mind? Do you want to open up or you rather let it eat you inside?

I would say open up but don’t ask me how because I haven’t opened up myself. I have so many thoughts eating me alive but I swear that if you see me, my smile will be as warm as the sun and my voice as soft as wool.

Why am I not talking? Maybe because it’s easier for the thoughts to eat me alive than for me to open up and say what’s on my mind.

Solitude, it’s a beautiful lie that the enemy gives you to stay isolated and remain in the depths of depression.

Solitude, it’s too beautiful but so addictive.



Ademilola Adewumi

A psychology student. A writer. I love God, music and cookies.