Ademilola Adewumi
1 min readSep 4, 2020

The gentle breeze of summer’s touch

Not seen not heard but felt

Tingles my skin and gives me joy

The blazing sun sends beads of sweat down my back

I love the torture maybe a little too much

“Get up, go in, you’re hurting yourself” ,they say

“I’ll be in a few , it’s a beautiful day”

I tell them, but I never go in

Till my face is badly dealt

With sunburn, I get the ice pack

But I never learn, my torture I did enjoy

So when tomorrow comes I go back to my torture

The gentle breeze of summer’s touch

But I do hope from this self hurt, soon will be my departure

But till then in my insanity the blazing sun will I enjoy



Ademilola Adewumi

A psychology student. A writer. I love God, music and cookies.