A Lover’s Pain

Ademilola Adewumi
2 min readFeb 29, 2024
Photo by Zohre Nemati on Unsplash

My heart did not understand what it meant to feel safe until you. For the first time I was calm and relaxed. I, who carried the burden of the earth giving atlas a break, was relaxed.

The load felt like nothing because you held me. Your smile mesmerized me. Your gentle eyes confused me. What manner of man is this? How can he love with so much gentleness, how can he feel with so much emotions.

Somehow you infected me because now I love with that same amount of gentleness. I feel with that same amount of emotions.

My once frozen closed dark heart invited butterflies to play, to dance and to make merry.

The butterflies do as they please, not minding me. Even in my anger, they are still there, fighting my cold and winning each time.

In my defense, it is not a fair fight. Your smile and laughter are my weak points. When you unleash that skill, combined with the butterflies attack, I know I am gone for.

But I don’t mind being gone, as long as it was you who took me away.

To my lover, Words will always fail me, as I am a person of a few words. But if you listen closely, my heart speaks and it speaks a lot.

I apologize for those who can’t hear, my heart is very selective of whom it speaks to. It only speaks to the one who excites it, who makes it skip and who causes laughter when I have no reason to.

A lover’s pain? More like a lover’s blessing because only you, my love, my sweet one, could ever show me how gentle and funny love is. I will take it with me, with the hopes that I will bring it back to you.

Your sweet one.



Ademilola Adewumi

A psychology student. A writer. I love God, music and cookies.